Mission Black Ice Win Pama Pro Final Over Mission Labeda Snipers



FORT WAYNE – The 2nd annual Pama Pro Invitational Final featured two Pro Roller Hockey powerhouses, the Mission Black Ice and the Mission Labeda Snipers. Two weeks ago in Fort Myers for the NARCh Pro Final, the Snipers took home the $20 000 reward by defeating the Alkali RPD 4-0. This time around, the Snipers were looking to go out on top, and win the $25 000 reward, and they did not get the job done.

Head Coach Jason Muro and the Mission Black Ice blew out the Snipers by a score of 6-2. From the start of the day when Black Ice came back from a three goal deficit in their Quarterfinal match up against the Alkali RPD, they seemed to be the team of destiny.

The Black Ice opened the game strong by jumping on a quick 3-0 lead in the first period, with goals from Jeff Abrhams, Sam Eisenhower, and Tyler Kraft. Things kept working for the Black Ice squad as KJ Tiefenwerth got on the board early into the second period, and Tiefenwerth did not stop there, scoring another two goals to complete the natural hat-trick.

PJ Kavaya scored to make it a 4-1 game off a Matt White feed, as well as an Austin Cangelosi scored a powerplay goal late in the second to help stop the bleeding, but it was too late as the damage was already done.

The Snipers had a battle in their semifinal match up against the Tour Mudcats, which ended in a 7-6 game, where Matt White scored the OT winner. It just looked as if the Snipers had no juice left in the tank from Overtime thriller, and playing with only 9 skaters, and with the Blue and Yellow playing with 12 who are just as skilled, the Snipers were already at a disadvantage. They did not have that same intensity, and it showed on the scoreboard.

KJ Tiefenwerth took home the MVP, and the Mission Black took home 2 out of the 3 Pro titles in the tournament summer series (TORHS 2HOT4ICE, NARCh, Pama Pro). The core of the Black Ice is still very young, meaning that more championships will be won by this highly skilled group.


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