Why Kay Felder is a Better Comparison of Isaiah Thomas Than Tyler Ulis

Tyler, Isaiah, Kay.jpg

BROOKLYN – The NBA Draft is right around the corner, and with plenty of teams looking to add a point guard to their roster, they will certainly be looking at Kentucky’s Tyler Ulis and Oakland’s Kay Felder. 

While it’s obvious, both of their glaring feature is that they are both measured at 5’9, just like Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas. While many say Ulis is the next Thomas, Felder is the far more accurate comparison and here’s why:

Style of Play

All three of them have the same thing in common: They all stand at 5’9. But with that being said, but Felder and Thomas are more alike, rather than Ulis. All of them are offensive studs, but the difference between Ulis and the others is that he is a pass first point guard. Everyone will say, “But Felder averaged 9.3 assists” (most in the country), yeah he did, but he still averaged 24 points a game, and when it matters most Felder would take the final shot (just like Thomas would), whereas Ulis would pass it off.

What’s also to add is the Slashing ability of Thomas and Felder. Both are super quick and athletic, Felder had the best long jump at the combine, and Thomas made his name off his speed and ability to get to the hoop, but Ulis on the other hand is more of a shooter, and isn’t as athletic as the others, but does have an excellent floater game.What Ulis does have better than the other two is that he is a far better defender. The All-American guard is a pesky defender and annoys his opponent.

The Journey

Felder and Thomas both have had tough roads to travel on the way to the NBA, a road a lot bumpier than one Tyler Ulis. All three of them have heard the comments “You’re to short to play in the NBA”, but Felder and Thomas heard them more often. Both Kay and Isaiah, were low-recruited players who went to small universities (Oakland, Washington respectively), while Ulis was a 5-star recruit and committed to John Calipari, in arguably the best program in College Basketball to produce NBA talent in Kentucky.

Due to this, being in small universities Felder and Thomas had to work extra hard just to get the attention of NBA scouts, whereas Ulis automatically had scouts at every game due to playing with players such as Karl-Anthony Towns, Devin Booker, and Jamal Murray the following year. Because of this, Felder and Thomas have a way bigger chip on their shoulder rather than Ulis.


In my opinion, I believe that Ulis will still have the better career over Felder, but the comparison to Isaiah Thomas is not the fit for him, but Kay Felder is the better comparison. What all of them do have in common, is that they all play with big hearts.


Height Doesn’t Measure Heart.



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