Odell vs. Norman Twice A Year Will Be a Treat

Odell vs. Norman.jpg

After negotiations for a long-term deal went nowhere, the Carolina Panthers decided to rescind their franchise tag, and cut ties with their Star Corner Josh Norman, making him an unrestricted free agent, meaning that he’d be able to sign with any team in the NFL.

Norman took 2 days with the free agent process, with various teams chasing after the All-Pro Corner. It ultimately came between the New Orleans Saints, and Washington Redskins where Norman would call his new home. Norman chose the up and coming Redskins for a 5-year, 75 Million Dollar contract, making him the highest-paid Corner in the NFL.

Now that he’s in the NFC East, Norman will be facing off against great Wideouts such as Jordan Matthews, Dez Bryant, and especially Odell Beckham Jr. There’s the obvious history between the two star players. The infamous fights in the Week 15 game, where it ended with Odell receiving a 1 game suspension from the League Office.

If things like this happen more often, I will be very happy.

These 2 hot headed players will be an absolute pleasure to watch 2 times a year, and with the countless battles set to take place, this could become one of the all-time rivalries in NFL history.

How excited am I to see these battles?




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