My Thoughts on The Jimmy Vesey Situation and Becoming a Potential Leaf

Jim Vesey

Vesey, has decided to become a free agent. / TSN

By now, you should know the Jimmy Vesey dilemma. If not here’s a summary. Vesey is, or at least was the most heralded prospect in Nashville’s system. A former third round pick in 2012, Vesey was a standout at Harvard tallying 80 goals in his college career.

At the end of his junior season, the Preds came knocking at him to turn pro, but elected to stay his senior season. Honestly, this is where I saw something was up. After his senior season ended last week, the Preds asked him to sign and aid them on their playoff run. But Jimmy decided not to sign, and become a free agent and sign with another NHL team.

In my opinion, I do NOT like the way Vesey and his representatives handled the situation. GM David Poile tried to contact Vesey’s camp, but they wouldn’t even allow the Preds to talk to him. Nashville Post writer David Boclair had the opportunity to talk to Poile about the situation.

It’s a bizarre situation,” Poile said Monday. “We could never, and have never been allowed to bring the three parties together. [Director of Player Development] Scott Nichol in the last three days has talked to Jimmy Vesey once. I’ve talked to his dad once. I’ve talked to his agents a couple times but never together.

“They won’t allow us to talk to them together. … There’s been a lot of conversations, but never once did we ever get together to have a meeting.”

Nashville Post, David Boclair

In the article, Poile also mentioned that Vesey was promised a spot in the Preds Top 6 for the rest of the Regular Season and Playoffs. Wow, you barely get to see a promise like that thrown at a prospect. Not even Johnny Gaudreau was sent an offer like that. Though the circumstances were different, Gaudreau played in the AHL before he played with the Flames. But, what really ticks me off about it, was that Vesey told Nashville he’d sign with them.

“Every indication was that he was going to sign with us,” Poile said. “His dad had told me, had told [coach] Peter Laviolette, Scott Nichol, [assistant general manager] Paul Fenton that his son was going to sign with us. And Jimmy, himself, told Paul Fenton prior to the trade deadline, which was an important time for us because it was our last opportunity to change our team. We told him if he was going to sign with us we were going to keep a position available for him, and he told us that he was going to sign with us.”

“… For whatever reason, and after all the time and resources that we invested in Jimmy Vesey’s development, we could not get a meeting with Jimmy, his family and his representatives all together. That’s the only thing I asked for after Wednesday and they would not accommodate us on that.”

Nashville Post, David Boclair

If I was in Poile’s shoes I’d be very upset at the fact of how Vesey dealt with the situation. I understand that things do change very quick, and that the fact that he’s young and that he doesn’t know any better, but the dude has a degree from the best university on earth, I’m pretty sure he knows what the right thing to do was. Like if he was gonna leave all along, at least tell the Preds in advance so they can plan accordingly so that they can get something back at least.

Like what Poile said, even after working with him and developing him and nurturing him, the least you can do is talk to him, not shun him and ignore him. I felt that that was the worst part about all of this.

Enough about my rant, now it’s time to look at where the Hobey Baker Finalist could be headed to. It’s a race between the Boston Bruins and the Toronto Maple Leafs. The case for the Bruins, is the fact that Vesey is from Massachusetts. But for the Leafs, is that they drafted his brother Nolan, who plays at the University of Maine, and that his father is a scout for the Maple Leafs.

Though nothing beats playing for your hometown team, and the team you grew up loving and watching them play, playing with your family is pretty cool too I’m assuming, I believe the Leafs have a strong chance in landing the Hobey finalist.



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