Christian Hackenberg to the Texans?


The NFL Draft Combine is just a week away, meaning that teams will start to fill up (or continue) to fill up their draft board. Something the Houston Texans will be looking at their draft board, a future quarterback.

Being a Colts fan, I get to watch the Houston Texans often, and I’m going to be straight up, I think they have a very very good team. Well, mainly because of their formidable defense, but the main reason our bandaged roster usually have the Texans number, is due to their awful offense, starting from QB.

Houston achilles heel, was their QB situation, with Ryan Mallett getting cut, the Brian Hoyer inury, then onto Brandon Weeden and finally back to Hoyer. Hoyer, was solid in the pre-season but when it came to the AFC divisional game, he flat out stunk. He threw 1 TD, but had 4 turnovers.

Bill O’Brien is known for being a quarterback guru after working with Tom Brady for so many years, for Pete’s sake he brought Houston to the playoffs with 4 QB’s. With that being said, when O’Brien coached in Penn State for that one year, he brought in 5-star recruit Christian Hackenberg.

Hackenberg, is your prototypical pro-style signal caller. He has great height (6’4, 230lbs), has a great arm and is pretty athletic. In his freshman year, he was dynamite. He threw for 20 touchdowns, and only 10 picks which is pretty good for a true freshman, and a QB rating of 134. With those stats he broke countless records and won BIG 10 player of the year.

When Bill O’Brien left for the job in Houston, the downfall of Hackenberg begun. With high expectations of building off of his great freshman year, he did not fulfill the hype. Under a brutal O-Line, Christian threw for 12 TD’s and 15 interceptions and was sacked 44 times. This year didn’t fare any differently for Hackenberg. He played a lot better, he was successful 16 times in the endzone, and limited his turnovers for 5 picks. He still was hit a ton, and during his tenure with the Nittany Lions, he was sacked over 100 times.

Being a fan of Michigan and the BIG 10, I got to watch Hackenberg under center, and you can see the potential. If the Texans select him, and O’Brien gets to work with him again, perhaps he can become an elite quarterback in the big league.


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