Andrew Ladd back to Chicago would be the Perfect Fit


Back in 2010, when Ladd was a Blackhawk. / Zimbio

It’s that time of year again, where teams decide whether they want to be buyers or sellers for the upcoming trade deadline. One thing we know for sure is that my team the Chicago Blackhawks (No, I am not a bandwagoner) will be buyers.

Former Blackhawk Dustin Byfuglien just recently re-signed with the Jetrs, meaning he’s off the market and that also means that Jets Captain and former Hawk Andrew Ladd looks as if he’ll be out the door as well. For Winnipeg, it was keep one or the other, and with the extension to Big Buff, Ladd is now on the block.

Chicago is obviously going to try to bolster their roster for their title defense, and they have two needs: First, and I think the most important, is to find depth on the back end. Last spring, their Achilles heel was their defense, and the top 4 of Duncan, Seabs, Johnny Oduya, and Nik Hjalmarsson logged way to much ice time, as Coach Joel Quenneville did not trust an aging Kimmo Timonen.

The second need, is to find a top 6 forward, particularly a linemate for Johnathon Toews and Marian Hossa. The Kane, Panarin, and Anisimov line has been the best line in Hockey all year, and to find someone to spark the Captain and Hossa would be perfect. And that’s where Andrew Ladd comes in. GM Stan Bowman has brought back former Blackhawks, for example Kris Versteeg, and Ladd in my opinion adds that offensive and defensive ability including the leadership that Hawks look for.


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