2016 All-Star Weekend: Kobe’s Night


This weekend has been nothing but spectacular, thanks to the endless talent. Now that the weekend has finally come to a close, the least I can do is highlight Kobe’s final All-Star game.

Winner: Eastern Conference
MVP: Kyle Lowry

Sure it’s Kobe’s night, and I know that everyone is going to want him to win MVP, but its still Kyle Lowry’s home, and my prediction is that he would put on a show for his home crowd, and pull off the upset and take home MVP.

Winner: Western Conference
MVP: Russell Westbrook

I guess my prediction was too good to be true. The West just absolutely cloburred the Eastern Conference by a score of 196-173. On paper, the west looked way better than the east did. Everyone was good, and plenty of people were in contention but it was Russell Westbrook won the MVP for a second straight year, scoring 31 points (7 triples, and some awesome dunks), 8 boards and 5 rebounds.



Before the game, Kobe had a special tribute for him, a couple videos, and a speech from legend and my all-time favorite player Magic Johnson. Kobe didn’t shoot the ball very often, he only shot the ball 11 times, scoring 10 points, picking up 6 rebounds, and 7 dimes, to cap off his final All-Star game.

Though they lost by 23, the east still had some good performances, starting with Paul George, who had 41 points, one point away from tying Wilt The Stilt’s record for most points in an all-star game. But he did however, break Carmelo’s record for most three’s in a game, hitting 9 of them. The Raptors backcourt of Kyle and DeMar were impressive, and put on a show for the hometown crowd. Kyle threw up some great lobs, especially a fast break that led to three passes before a LeBron slam. He finished with 10 assists in totals, as well as 14 points. DeMar on the other hand, played like the slasher he was as a rookie. Explosive dunks everywhere. He finished with 18 points.

My Highlight of the Night

Once wasn’t enough.

What a great way to end off a great weekend, and congrats Kobe on a fantastic career.


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