2016 All-Star Weekend: Recapping a Crazy Saturday


Wow. Just wow. From the skills Challenge, to the three point competition, than the dunk contest, that must’ve been the most entertaining night in NBA history. Every single event was booming with entertainment, and the least I could do is Recap the amazing 3 hours.

Skills Challenge

My Predicted winner: Draymond Green
Result: Karl-Anthony Towns


Big-Men brought it home. / USA Today

Draymond is my favourite player, so obviously I’m picking him to win. He’s pretty much a guard playing against big men. Draymond did take the lead, but he shot could not fall through, and KAT hit his quick. The final was a nail-bitter for sure, between Boston Celtics guard Isaiah Thomas and Towns. Every single obstacle was neck and neck, and Karl had the lucky bounce at the end of the day.

Draymond vs. Kevin

My predicted winner: Draymond Green
Result: Tie, with Draymond taking home the title.


Dray and Kevin going at it. / ESPN

For a while now, I’ve been following the “feud” between Kevin Hart and my boy Draymond. I don’t really think Green tried, as he only scored a 12, and Hart tied it? Dray did win, because Hart said he’d win, not tie.

Three-Point Competition

My Predicted Winner: Devin Booker
Result: Klay Thompson


The youngest player in the NBA, finished third. / USA Today

This was awesome. Klay, James, and JJ all set the tone quick, scoring a 22, 20, and 20 respectively setting the bar high. Felt bad for Khris Middleton to have to follow that up. I was rooting for the underdog, my fantasy team’s star player Devin Booker, who scored a 20, leaving a three-way tie, as defending champ Steph, scored a 22. Raptor star Kyle Lowry got nothing but cheers, but struggled by scoring a 15. A three-way tie for the last spot, the tie-breaker was the most points in 30 seconds. The beard got 8, Redick had 9, and my boy Booker had a score of 12, putting him in a battle versus the Splash Brothers. Devin ended
with 16, and Steph got 23, leaving Klay with a chance to pull it off, and did scoring a 27.

Dunk Contest

My Predicted Winner: Aaron Gordon
Result: Aaron Gordon being robbed

The most entertaining part of the night, happened at the end, and wow what a finish. Will Barton, and Andre Drummond had good dunks, but the show was Zach LaVine and Aaron Gordon in the finals. In my opinion, Aaron was robbed. His first two dunks in the finals should have been a 100. Zach was still great, but Aaron’s dunks were jaw dropping. At the end of the day, LaVine’s consistently had quality dunks and that got him the dub.

All my predictions were off, but that was indeed the most intriguing skills Competition that I have ever seen.


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