Christian McCaffrey: THE Most Exciting Player in College Football


I’ve seen plenty of running backs succeed at both the College and the pro level, but nothing like Christian McCaffrey. He is on another level. Every single game that I watched Stanford played, he was a factor.

Watching Christian McCaffrey play always is a gift. I remember watching that game vs. Notre Dame where he ran for 228 all-purpose yards, in the 38-36 win against the Fighting Irish. What makes McCaffrey so special, is that he can do it all. He can return the ball, he can run through the tackles, even run a downhill game if needed, he can catch out of the backfield, and he can even block.

Return Game

Not many backs are as elusive, and very quick like Christian. The true sophmore was a beast this season in the return game, both from punting and kick-off. He didn’t break Barry Sanders all-purpose yards records for nothing. On punt returns, McCaffrey had 130 yards for 15 attempts, which was an average of 8.7 yards a carry. His one touchdown was an amazing play in the Rose Bowl against Iowa. For kickoffs on the other hand, he was just as good. Every time he returned the ball, he made something happen as he had 1070 yards, on an average of 29 yards a carry. His one touchdown came from his amazing game vs Cal, on an 98 yard TD.

Rushing Game

Like I said earlier, McCaffrey is so elusive which makes him so special. What also helps Christian do his thing, is his remarkable offensive line. With such an elite group of guys run blocking for him, McCaffrey has the ability to get to open space and make a big play into an even bigger play. He ran for 2019 yards, onm an average of a whopping 6 yards a carry.

Catching the Ball

This man is so versatile, its unbelievable. He’s such a nightmare for linebackers to cover out of the backfield. He’s way to quick for an LB to cover a man so quick. Though most of his catches are usually just a dump off when no one is open (great o-line), once again McCaffrey is a beast in open space. Shall I play the GIF once more? Anyways, he caught 45 balls, for 465 yards, which is insane for a 45 yards per catch. 45 YARDS. And also 5 TD’s.


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