Analyzing Draymond Green’s Game

Green and the Warriors, proving doubters wrong once again.

Green and the Warriors, proving doubters wrong once again.

After last year’s breakout season, Warrior’s Forward Draymond Green has picked up right where he left off, and has aided Golden State to a 14-0 start.

When Steve Kerr was hired as the head coach of the Warrior’s, he decided to put Andre Igoudala and David Lee on the bench, and start two unproven talents in Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green. Boy, did that pay off. Barnes has shown that he belongs in this league, and will be getting paid this off-season. As for Green, he had tremendous year, as he was a runner-up in both “Defensive Player of the Year”, and “Most Improved Player.” Even though Kawhi Leonard won DPOY, Green had more first place votes. He’s proven to be one of the best big men in the game, despite being undersized. Draymond signed a 5-year 82 million dollar contract this off-season, after helping Golden State win it’s first title in 39 years.

The former Michigan State Spartan was drafted early in the second round by the team in blue and yellow. Originally drafted as a Small Forward, Green had a lot of questions coming into the Association, from his size, his athleticism etc. But what made Green stand out, was his heart and his “Never Give Up” attitude he brings on and off the court. This is what makes Draymond my favorite player. He is the prime example of Marcus Stroman’s popular trademark, “Height doesn’t Measure Heart”.

Say what you will, Draymond Green is the heart of the Golden State Warriors.He does the garbage work for the team, so that the skill players such as the Splash Brothers could do their thing. Dray has that competitive edge. He’s the type of player to give it all he’s got every single possession, 100%. You could see him show that emotion, after an and-one and other big plays that he makes. He reminds of Dennis Rodman, but I think that he’s becoming a better player than he was.¬†Green is the complete package. He’s a jack-of-all trades, if you will. He can rebound, steal, block, pass, and can also shoot the ball very well.


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