What the Jays Off-Season Plan should look like

Toronto Blue Jays Celebration

David Price, is expected to leave the Jays for big money in the States elsewhere. Blue Jays at Orioles 9/30/15

The Jays have just resigned breakout starting pitcher Marco Estrada to a 2 year, 26 million dollar contract. But as new general manager Tony LaCava, knows that there’s still a lot of work to be done.

After the Jays lost in the ALCS to the later on World Series Champions, the Kansas City Royals, there was still that bitter taste. The taste became even worse when, Alex Anthopoulos, the general manager and the architect to the Jays success, decided to reject a three-year deal to stay in Toronto. Sources say that there was disagreement between Alex, and new President and CEO, Mark Shapiro. Shapiro, former president of the Cleveland Indians, succeeded Paul Beeston as he retired. Manager John Gibbons and his entire staff will remain with the team, but with all these off-season changes, LaCava still has a lot of work to do.

Watching the Jays in the playoffs, other than the costly mistakes, there was a bit of issues with them, and we all know them. They relied too much on the home run ball, instead of playing small ball, and getting on base. Second, probably the biggest one, we had a very weak bullpen. The Jays only had 3 solid relievers, in Brett Cecil, Aaron Sanchez, and Closer Roberto Osuna. Sanchez and Osuna, are both under the age of 25, and Cecil tore his calf, which kept him out of the playoffs. The bullpen could possibly get even weaker, if they Jays lose out on pitchers, meaning that Sanchez or Osuna could be moved up to the starting rotation.

As for the starting rotation, with David Price already one foot out the door, but with Marco Estrada signed, the Jays starting rotation isn’t looking that bad. With young star Marcus Stroman, ready to take the mound as the ace, and with Estrada and Dickey’s option picked up for another year you have a solid three pitchers right there.

Since I believe the main focus for the Jays, it’s going to be re-signing one of their big sluggers for after next season, in Jose Bautisita and Edwin Encarnacion. Though re-signing both of them is a longshot, at least one of them would be a priority. Also signing a long term deal, for MVP candidate, Josh Donaldson.


  • Attempt to re-sign David Price

If not, maybe sign a solid ace, for example: Yovani Gallardo, Jordan Zimmermann, or maybe if possible, a Zach Greinke

  • Fix the Bullpen

Go after someone, like a Ryan Madsen or a Fernando Rodney

  • Try to re-sign one of your big sluggers

Possibly trade big contracts, such as a Troy Tulowitzki or Russell Martin’s deals.


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