My Love for Roller Hockey

Bully_beim_Inline-SkaterhockeyWhen I was in Grade 8, my English teacher told us as a project was to make a magazine filled with a bunch of articles, quizzes etc. Well, I happened to write up an article about my favorite sport, Roller Hockey.

MISSISSAUGA ON  Being my dream is to become a sports journalist, all my hobbies are pretty much sports. From Hockey, to basketball, even some Baseball once in a while. But I really loved the sport of Roller Hockey. Every spring, after the ice hockey season I would always switch to Roller hockey mode. I was on a travel team, so I would always head to the states to participate in Roller hockey tournaments since it was more popular there. But since it’s not that popular, I might as well write an article about it to explain and grow the sport.

The rules of Roller Hockey are quite simple. Some of the rules are the same as ice hockey but there are a bunch of rules that are different. Inline is 4 on 4 rather than 5 on 5 like in Ice hockey. In Roller hockey there is no offside or icing. Roller hockey is played on blue tile and of course, is played on rollerblades. With all these rules so different from ice hockey, there is more goals in the sport due to the elimination of offside and icing. Inline is truly a fun sport.

The format of roller hockey has a format much more different than Ice Hockey. Inline is played with 3 tournaments. NARCh, TORHS2HOT4ICE, and State wars. NARCh and TORHS pretty much have the same format, but State Wars is whole different experience. NARCh and TORHS both have a national championship tournament. The way it goes is that in order to qualify for the big tournament you have to play a regional tournament to determine which division you play in the national championship. State Wars is a tournament where states and provinces compete in a 4 day tournament. If you have enough players you automatically qualify, you have to make the team and the staff of State Wars determines that. Having been to all these tournaments, it is honestly an unreal experience.


Me, representing my province in the 2015 State Wars Roller Hockey Championships

My experiences with roller hockey are unreal and I’d like to share them with you guys. I have participated in various tournaments where I had the time of my life, but there’s this one tournament. This one tournament where I realized that roller hockey is the sport for me. This was TORHS Nationals 2012. I was with the Mississauga Mission Rattlers, and this was my first travelling roller hockey tournament. Though we lost in the final, I made friends who lived all over the United States and I cherish that. If I wasn’t in this tournament I wouldn’t be travelling.

Roller hockey is such a great sport. In and out, if your looking for something to do in the summer, I highly recommend playing the sport of inline. I hope you guys will have as much fun as I do playing this incredible sport.



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