My Rant on the Colts


Andrew Luck, has been banged up all season due to a poor showing from the offensive line.

Andrew Luck has been sidelined for about a month, due to a Kidney Laceration, and on top of that a bunch of other injuries. Though it may look bad, what if I told you this is a good thing for the Colts.

Lets be honest. This season has been pretty bad for the blue and white. With the free agent signings of accomplished players such as Frank Gore, Andre Johnson, and Trent Cole, the Colts were a favorite heading into this season. Sadly, They haven’t been able to live up to expectations.

Andrew’s play has been sub-par, throwing a ton of picks, but most of that is because hes taking too long with the ball, as our receivers such as TY Hilton are having trouble getting open, and our offensive line looks like their on roller skates. With that, we have a defense playing pretty well, but the stats don’t show it, due to the fact they’re tired all the time, because the offense constantly get three and outs.

Decisions from the front office and the coaching staff of the Colts have been bad heading back to the beginning of the off-season. First off, the decision to sign some old veterans was pretty risky, and the disappointing performances ┬áTrent Cole, Todd Herremans, and Andre Johnson doesn’t really make Ryan Grigson look very good. If you eliminate the amount of fumbles he has had, Frank Gore has been playing pretty well this season, but most of his runs are called back due to a bunch of holding calls from the offensive line. Kendall Langford, I believe is playing really well, and Dwight Lowery has been solid as well.┬áBut Grigson’s biggest mistake probably wasn’t free agency, it was April’s Entry Draft.

When Indy had the 29th selection in the draft, after making it to the AFC Championship game, the Colts were looking to improve. When players such as Texas’ DT Malcolm Brown, and Alabama Safety Landon Collins were still available, the Colts were looking to bolster a weak defense at the time. But, Grigson elects to choose Wide Receiver Phillip Dorsett out of Miami. Grigson said as that they were sticking to their board. Dorsett is out with a fractured ankle, but before that he did not look very good. But the selections of Stanford’s Defensive and Nose Tackles in Henry Anderson and David Parry have been playing excellent this year so not everything has look bad. D’Joun Smith on the other hand, has been injured since Pre-Season. Safety Clayton Geathers, I think that he can become an all-star safety, if developed properly.



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